Pool specs

Everything you need to know to help you select the right Eauzone Pool.

As there are so many shapes and sizes available, listed below are examples of the kit prices of our most popular pools. The basic kits are supplied with steel panels, liner, pump, filter, pipework, cleaning equipment and chemicals. The prices listed below also include coping stones, optional patterned liner, Isoplan insulation, blue/black bubble cover, underwater spotlamp and telescopic reel for cover:
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Other popular options available
Roman end steps, white (with Coping Stones) £1,285.85 inc VAT
Celtic Steps, granite (smaller version of Roman end steps) £612.70 inc VAT
8kw heat pump £2,551.26 inc VAT
Additional spotlamp £218.55 inc VAT
Counter Current £2,169.61 inc VAT
Locaroc (pump housing) £547.50 inc VAT
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