Waterair swimming pools, brought to you by Eauzone Pools Ltd, have been especially designed as a kit, entirely self-supporting. Fast and simple instructions make the installation of your pool quite painless.

Step 1. Digging – Trace out the perimeter of the swimming pool (the procedure is clearly explained in the assembly instructions)

Step 2. Structure Assembly – The straight or curved panels are assembled by double bolting, without welding or riveting. No tools are needed, a 13 mm key is all that is necessary. The heaviest panels weighing no more than 42kg, means that the panels can be manipulated easily.

Step 3. Positioning the support legs – Screwed against the steel walls of the structure (pre-bored holes) the steel legs are intended to ensure that the walls are perfectly vertical and stable. Once the swimming pool is finished and banked in, these legs will not show at all.

Step 4. The foundation sill – Due to the fact that the structure is self-supporting, a Waterair swimming does not require a reinforced concrete base. A single layer of a concrete
screed, with an average thickness of 5 cm, is quite sufficient for the base.

Step 5. Floor covering – The floor covering is laid like a carpet. It is rot-proof and insulates the liner and compensates for any little bumps in the foundation.

Step 6. Fitting the liner – The liner is laid on the base of the pool and positioned carefully. It is then fixed to the top of the panels. Once the pool starts to fill the liner takes the shape of the pool.

Step 7. Laying the coping stones – As these are pre-cut to the shape of your pool they are quick and easy to install.